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Lofi Downloads?

Ever looked to download lo-fi music? It can be hard to know where to begin. We may even feature some music similar to lofi here on Isonaut Music. You’ve probably come across all those lo-fi streams out there. But, it seems hard to name individual artists or bands in this genre. Why is that?

Is Lo-fi music just for the background?

I suppose, that’s the appeal of it. You want to study, do homework, or do research and you need something to put you in the zone. Chill lofi beats to the rescue.

Or you’ve got a little boutique and you want a chill vibe to put your customers in the right mindset. Lo-fi might be the answer.

Maybe it’s time to get intimate with that special someone, well there’s probably a chill lofi playlist easily accessible for that too.

Dull elevator

Unfortunately, it all reminds me a bit of the use of middle-of-the-road elevator music: it’s almost not there. It’s on a slippery slope from cool and chill to lifeless ubiquity.

In most other genres of music, there is a desire among fans to connect to the artist. It could be because of the lyrical content and performance, but even among instrumental acts in previous genres, a personal connection seems relevant.

Live performance helps with connection. But, I don’t get the impression I’ll get to see Purrple Cat at the Commodore Ballroom anytime soon. I could be wrong …

Band on stage
Concert! (Image from Pexels)

You can, of course download some of their tunes from Bandcamp, for example. Many artists still offer that option, as well as actual physical CDs or Vinyl. Certainly, that’s part of what feels missing in today’s soundscape: connection through physical media products.

Someone browsing lp vinyl records.
Records! (From

Basically, that’s what I’m advocating here: by all means, listen to some playlists. But if you hear something you like, stop and see who made it. See if you can support the artist in some more concrete way. Part with a few bucks, even. It really could be worth it.

Is there Lofi music available through Isonaut Music?

You know, genre labels are funny. Some of our projects have likely arrived at a similar headspace as lo-fi music, but in parallel by having similar influences: jazz, hip-hop, chill-out electronica, indie music of all sorts, et cetera.

I’ll point you to three of our chilled lo-fi tracks you can actually download (if you hit the BC logo):

Like ’em? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments! And keep exploring!


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