Integer Mixes

Is it a mix, remix, or mash-up?

Integer’s latest release is a groovy, ambient remix of Grrr. It is also a mash-up with multiple tracks from Isonaut’s back catalogue. Hard to classify? Don’t worry, just listen …

So much music has been derived from music from the past. Kirby Ferguson has a great Ted talk on how everything is a remix. This is a great way to look at creativity. Most of the artists involved in Isonaut would endorse the view that creativity involves taking influences and building on them however they can.

Integer’s latest release, Grrr (Isonaut Eco-Mash Mix) certainly takes its cues from what has come before. It is a remix of Grrr, the closing track on the The More You Look Ahead The Further Back You See album. It is also a mashup with multiple tracks from the Isonaut back-catalogue.

Snippets of cuts from Isotopia, City Wide Walkie Talkie, Forest Hall, and Team Leader fade in and out of the mix. This forms a groovy, atmospheric journey. It is an inner odyssey you can revel in on a warm summer’s day by the pool, at the beach, or into the evening on your favourite rooftop patio.

Looking for more info on Integer’s releases? Check out Slalom and Save Your Soul.

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