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Lofi Downloads?

Ever looked to download lo-fi music? It can be hard to know where to begin. We may even feature some music similar to lofi here on Isonaut Music. You’ve probably come across all those lo-fi streams out there. But, it seems hard to name individual artists or bands in this genre. Why is that? Is […]

HeadAnnouncement Integer

“Save Your Soul”: New Single from Integer.

There’s a funky, yet dreamy new track from Integer. “Save Your Soul”: basically, it’s 🔥. It even has vocoder vocals.

HeadAnnouncement Integer Music Makers

A first chance to listen to the new Integer single: Slalom

Integer Mixes

Is it a mix, remix, or mash-up?

Integer’s latest release is a groovy, ambient remix of Grrr. It is also a mash-up with multiple tracks from Isonaut’s back catalogue. Hard to classify? Don’t worry, just listen … So much music has been derived from music from the past. Kirby Ferguson has a great Ted talk on how everything is a remix. This […]