About Isonaut Music

About Isonaut Music

In the mid ’90s, members of the space rock band, Isotopia, began expanding their horizons and taking on side-projects. Some “label” was needed to encompass the ensuing output of songs, beats and sounds from Isotopia, its friends and associates. Taking its name from their track Isonauts, Isonaut Music was born.

The Artists

City Wide Walkie Talkie

City Wide Walkie Talkie Portrait

City Wide Walkie Talkie is a three-piece ensemble consisting of childhood friends Brian Longhurst, Daryl Askey, and Jamie Tait.

It all began with keyboard, guitar, bass and percussion improvisations laid down over drum machine sequences and has evolved into something more complex with additional instrumentation.

The group has a great new album, Bender Sessions. An experimental, yet approachable collection of beats to chill to.


Daryl Askey’s solo side-project, Integer, dependably provides electro excursions covering influences such as downtempo, funk, ambient, dream pop.

The latest album, The More You Look Ahead The Further Back You See, is out now. Here, Integer combines a retrospective of restored classic tracks with new tracks.

Transparent Subtitles

Transparent Subtitles portrait

Transparent Subtitles is a cross-continental recording project. It consists of John Holt in Ontario and Daryl Askey in British Columbia. Their sound builds on the a tradition of offbeat, textured guitar pop.

Available from the group is the classic the subtitles Album. Now more recordings are seeing the light of day. Find them collected in the After The Fact and On The Fringe EPs.

More …

Various Isonaut allies and side-projects have released tracks under numerous aliases:

  • Isotopia (The group that got Isonaut music started.)
  • Andrei Androsoff / Forest Hall (Talented multi-instrumentalist & songwriter.)
  • Post Hastings (Guitar-pop band active in the early 2000s)
  • Cheyenne (Electro duo)
  • Klystron Progofop (Early ambient experimental duo)
  • Team Leader (Pop rock duo)
  • Rubber Knuckles Jr. / Dim Benson (Jamie Tait’s solo projects)
  • The Leonards (A Dtronic one-off)
  • Dr. Dorito (The next generation of beats.)